"White Guy, Dark Hair"
Season 11, Episode 7
Air date November 18, 2004
Written by Lydia Woodward
Directed by Nelson McCormick
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White Guy, Dark Hair is the 7th episode of the 11th season of "E.R."


Sam and Luka move in together. When a raped and badly beaten woman is brought into the ER, Sam wants to try a risky procedure to let the woman talk. However, the woman dies and Luka covers for Sam.

At Susan's one-month review, Kerry suggests that she be more of a leader. Susan schedules a JCAHO drill which proves to frustrate the staff more than help them learn.

Even after giving birth, a young girl insists that she's not pregnant.

NBC Description

RAPE VICTIM TRIES RISKY PROCEDURE TO HELP POLICE: Sam (Linda Cardellini) and Kovac (Goran Visjnic) treat a woman who was brutally beaten and raped and wants to help police although she can barely speak.

Lewis (Sherry Stringfield) schedules a JCAHO emergency drill without telling the staff.

Carter (Noah Wyle) and Abby (Maura Tierney) treat a girl complaining of kidney problems, which is just the beginning of her adventure.

Laura Innes, Mekhi Phifer, Parminder Nagra and Shane West also star.


  • Beginning with this episode, Mr. Chen is portrayed by Henry O instead of by George Cheung.


Sam: I did all this for "white guy, dark hair."
Luka (to Sam): You're sensitive about these kinds of cases.
Sam: What?
Luka: You always want to stand up for women who've been assaulted.
Sam: And you don't?
Luka: Of course I do. (pauses) Maybe because of when you were with Steve?
Sam: Steve never raped me.
Luka: Physical abuse, hitting you...
Sam: Oh, this has nothing to do with that.
Luka: You sure?
Sam: Yeah! There's a violent rapist out there. How are you going to feel in two days, two weeks, a month from now when we get another woman like Louise in here?