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"Try Carter"
Season 11, Episode 3
Air date October 14, 2004
Written by R. Scott Gemmill
Directed by Jonathan Kaplan
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Try Carter is the 3rd episode of the 11th season of "E.R."


Sporting a large scar on his head, Pratt is back at work, but ends up being sent home early. Neela spends the day looking for a job.

The new OR attending declines to perform an illegal organ donation procedure between two HIV positive people, but Carter convinces Corday to do it.

Abby irks Ray by ordering a drug test on one of his patients. Luka takes Alex to his soccer game. Susan and her family pay a visit to the ER.


  • Although in the opening credits, Ming-Na does not appear in this episode.


Ray(to Abby): Hey, Rockhart.
Abby: What did you just call me?
Ray: Erm, nothing.
Urbanus: Abby, what would you do if the UA's normal on a two-year-old with fever, no source?
Abby: Call it viral syndrome, have them follow up with their PMD.
Urbanus: What if the kid just vomited all the Tylenol he got in Triage?
Abby: Uh, give him a rectal dose and explain to the parents that the fever won't hurt him.
Urbanus: And what would you do if a med student asked you out?
Abby: Call for a psych consult.
Carter (to Ray): So, you aren't really living in the hospital, are you?
Ray: Why? Would that be a problem?
Carter: Might be a problem for Dr. Weaver. She has the place sprayed for interns.
Carter: Dr. Corday.
Corday: Carter.
Carter: Maybe you can help me. I need some help with a patient.
Corday: I believe Dr. Dubenko's covering the ER today.
Carter: Well, I don't think that he wanted to take the case.
Corday: Oh, what? Is it too mundane for our new superstar?
Carter: I think it may be too illegal.
Corday: Oh, so he's cowardly and cocky. You know, he's the perfect compliment to Weaver's treachery and ambition. I'm sorry, Carter. If I have to deal with him, so do you. Good luck.

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