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Truth & Consequences is the 5th episode of the 6th season of "E.R." It was first aired on November, 4 in 1999. It was written by R. Scott Gemmill and directed by Steve De Jarnatt.


A prank in a high school science class goes terribly awry, injuring a teacher and several students. Hathaway discovers Meg's drug addiction. Weaver and Greene notice Lawrence gets easily confused.

Short summaryEdit

An explosion in a high school science lab brings a flood of patients to the ER. Lawrence's memory continues to deteriorate, and more staff members become suspicious. Elaine tells Carter that she intends to go to Europe for a couple of months. Lucy and Carol compete for the one available rehab bed each of their patients needs. Dr. Dave learns about sympathy from a girl whose face was burned in the explosion. Benton inquires about DNA testing. Jeanie's home life becomes hectic, taking care of her new baby.




Malucci: Have you always been at County?

Greene: Going on ten years.

Malucci: Damn! Guys who kill their entire families don't get ten years.

Greene: It's not a prison, Dave.

Malucci: I don't know about that. Doctor Weaver sure acts like a warden.


Lawrence(To Kerry) For the record, my way may be older, but its still faster and better...kinda like me.


Malucci: Hey Carter, is it true you lived with Weaver?

Carter: In her basement.

Malucci: She kept you in her basement?

Carter: She was my landlord.


Dr.Dave: What's with the (Weaver's) leg anyway? Did she lay her Harley down in traffic or something

Greene: Don't know, never asked.

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