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"Touch and Go"
Season 10, Episode 11
Air date January 8, 2004
Written by Mark Morocco
Directed by Richard Thorpe
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Touch and Go is the 11th episode of the 10th season of "E.R."


Carter is back in Chicago and has brought Kem with him. His return to the hospital is uneventful although there is an awkward moment when Kem meets Abby.

Sam gets called to Alex's school as it seems that he was suturing his own cut. She asks Abby whether the nurses' insurance covers family therapy.

Gallant discovers that his sister has been getting it on with Pratt, although she later dumps him.

Pratt accidentally breaks a patient's neck while doing an unsupervised intubation. Missing Valium is found in Weaver's labcoat, although it's implied that Morris took it.

Luka informs Weaver that he's leaving for the Congo in two weeks, but in the end, he decides to stay in Chicago indefinitely.



Kerry: (to Luka) For the record, we need you here as much as they do there.
Kerry (to Luka): What are you doing?
Luka: Need to fix my resignation letter.
Kerry: So you broke into my office?
Luka: The door was open. Change the date of my last shift.
Kerry: Let me guess. Sooner?
Luka: Actually, later.
Kerry: You wanna be a little more specific?
Luka: No, not right now, anyway.
Kerry: Well, let me know when you decide.
Luka: See you tomorrow, Kerry.
Kerry: Stay out of my inbox!
Luka (to Abby about Carter and Kem, who is pregnant) : They got together after I left. (silence) You OK?
Abby: Yeah. I'm OK. (silence) What, did he knock her up the minute he got there?

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