Tony Gates
T gates
Key information
Gender Male
Occupation Physician, formerly Paramedic
Specialty Emergency Medicine
Title Intern (2006- 2007)
Resident (2007-2009)
Family Mike Gates (father)
Spouse Samantha Taggart (girlfriend)
Children Sarah Riley
Behind the scenes
Portrayer: John Stamos
First episode "The Human Shield" (guest)
"Graduation Day" (regular)
Last episode "And in the End..."
Appearances 65 episodes (see below)

Tony Gates is a major character in ER.

Character historyEdit

Susan Martin gates ( wife )

Cosmo Martin gates ( sept son )

sarah riley gates ( apoloted doughter )

susie gates ( apoloted doughter )

mike gates ( father )

cookie lewis ( mother in law )

Henry Lewis ( father in law )

chloe Lewis ( sister in law )

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