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"They Treat Horses, Don't They?"
Season 5, Episode 3
Air date October 8, 1998
Written by Walon Green
Directed by T.R. Babu Subramaniam
Episode chronology
← previous
"Split Second"
next →
"Vanishing Act"

They Treat Horses, Don't They? is the 3rd episode of the fifth season of "E.R." It was first aired on October, 8 in 1998. It was written by Walon Green and directed by T.R. Babu Subramaniam.

Plot Edit

Benton performs dangerous surgery on a man strapped to a bomb. Ross receives some good news that Weaver does not embrace. Greene, at his daughter's insistence, tries to help a horse that is in pain. Jeanie returns from her vacation.

Short summaryEdit

Mark goes to a trauma scene with the EMTs, where he treats a gunshot victim who has a bomb strapped to himself. Later, Mark’s daughter persuades him to treat a horse with colic, and Jerry gets the bad end of the enema. Carter intubates an elderly woman who is DNR. When her HMO declines to admit her, Carter either has to find a relative quickly or let her die. Kerry finds herself more and more frustrated when Anspaugh suggests that they're not considering her for ER Chief, and she discovers she’s the last to hear that Doug was made a pediatric attending. Corday serves her last day as a surgical fellow. Benton meets with Carla to discuss getting Reese hearing aids. Jeanie returns from vacation. Carter goes out with Roxanne, the insurance saleswoman he treated.




Randi is staring at Carter's beard)

Carter: What?

Randi: You're starting to look kinda mythical.


(after reading from Weaver's performance review of Ross)

Ross: That's right, Kerry. I'm a psycho.


Greene: You need to make a decision, Kerry. Do you want to be a doctor or an administrator? I'm going to go examine a horse.

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