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"The Visit"
Season 7, Episode 6
Air date November 16, 2000
Written by John Wells
Directed by Jonathan Kaplan
Episode chronology
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"Flight of Fancy"
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"Rescue Me"

The Visit is the sixth episode of the seventh season of ER. The episode first aired on NBC on November 16, 2000. It was written by John Wells and directed by Jonathan Kaplan. The episode has Abby Lockhart receives an unexpected visit from her bipolar mother, Maggie Wyczenki while Peter Benton's nephew is a victim of a gunshot wound.


Abby is visited by her bipolar mother, Maggie. Benton's nephew is treated in the ER for a serious gunshot wound. Luka suspects a young girl's father is abusing her. Meanwhile, Corday's desire to spend the evening with Mark results in consequences she quickly treated a surfer with back pain. Chen decides to give her baby up for adoption.


To be added.



  • The original episode title was "I Loved You, God, How I Loved You"
  • Peter Benton's nephew, Jesse Robbins is killed after getting shot
  • Beginning with this episode, all episodes of "ER" air in widescreen. NBC advertised it as the first show on any network to be broadcast like this
  • This episode received an Emmy Award nomination for "Directing" (Jonathan Kaplan)
  • This episode marks the first guest appearance by Sally Field (Abby's mother, Maggie Wyczenski)

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