"The Right Thing"
Season 2, Episode 14
Air date February 8, 1996
Written by Lydia Woodward
Directed by Richard Thorpe
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The Right Thing is the 14th episode of the second season of "E.R." It aired the 8 February in 1996. It was written by Lydia Woodward and directed by Richard Thorpe.

Plot Edit

Rumour has it there's something going on between Mark and Susan while Benton questions Vucelich's study and confronts him.

NBC DescriptionEdit

RUMORS AND LIES: After confronting Vucelich about the research data, Benton is forced out of the study. Benton threatens to go to the ethics board and Vucelich removes him from the surgical team all together.

Greene and Lewis are spotted riding the El together and the ER is buzzing with gossip about their relationship.

Ross's birthday is spoiled when his father (James Farentino) arrives.

Short summary Edit

Rumours abound that Susan Lewis and Mark Greene are now a couple after Carter sees them on the train early one morning. It's Doug Ross' birthday and his father visits him at the hospital. Ross also has to treat a group of 7 year-olds who were bitten at a petting zoo. Dr. Benton approaches Dr. Vucelich about his concerns over the surgical study and suddenly finds himself off the research team. Dr. Carter begins to question their usefulness when two patients simply ignore his advice. Greene decides to buy a motorcycle.




  • Dr. Vucelich stands in front of a locker assigned to "L. Gentile". This is a reference toLance Gentile, who is a story editor for the show.


Dr. Susan Lewis: [to Carter] You know, when you first got here, we were a little concerned about you. You seemed to care too much. We're not worried about that anymore.


[while Mr. Rubadoux walks away after the funeral ceremony of Mrs. Rubadoux he sees Carter]

John Carter: Mr. Rubadoux. I'm very sorry about your wife. I made a mistake. Not in the way I treated her, but in the way I treated you. I wasn't honest, wasn't fair. I was wrong. And I am very, very sorry.

Jules 'Ruby' Rubadoux: This day isn't about you, Mr. Carter.

[Mr. Rubadoux walks away]

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