"The Long Way Around"
Season 3, Episode 15
Air date February 13, 1997
Written by Lydia Woodward
Directed by Christopher Chulack
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"The Long Way Around" is the fiftteenth episode of third season of ER. It first aired on NBC in February 13, 1997. It was written by Lydia Woodward and directed by Christopher Chulack. That episode focuses on Carol Hathaway, who is on suspension, caught in the middle of the robbery and hostage situation of the neighborhood store and tends to the care of hostages.

Plot SummaryEdit

Still on suspension, Carol goes the neighborhood store when two robbers entered the store and took Carol and others in the store hostage when things went haywire. While a hostage, Carol uses her medical skills and crude implements from the store to help the injured victims.

NBC DescriptionEdit

EWAN McGREGOR (STAR WARS PREQUEL TRILOGY') GUEST-STARS AS A DESPERATE GUNMAN: Nurse Hathaway (Julianna Margulies) is among those shopping at a family-owned convenience store when a robbery attempt goes awry.

The store owner injures one of the robbers, James (guest star Currie Graham) and is badly wounded himself when the second robber, Duncan (Ewan McGregor), panics and takes everyone hostage.

While police cars gather outside the store, Hathaway must use her medical skills and the crude implements available in the store to keep the wounded alive and to maintain calm among the hostages and the gunmen. She finds unlikely support from her 10-year-old neighbor, Robert (guest star Mason Gamble, 'Dennis the Menace').

Meanwhile, Dr. Ross (George Clooney) and the hospital staff anxiously await word as the crisis unfolds.

Short summaryEdit

Carol Hathaway is still under suspension but faces a life-threatening situation when she is held hostage in her local corner store by two would be robbers. The two young men are in over their head and panic, shooting the store owner. Carol manages to take charge of the situation, calming them and trying to save the owner as well as one of the robbers, who has also been shot. In the end, she empathizes with one of them, Duncan, a young man visiting from Scotland. In his attempt to make his escape, he takes Carol with him and flees, but with tragic results.

Cast & CharactersEdit


Quotes Edit

Duncan Stewart, Convenience Store Gunman: [yelling to Robert, who's in the bathroom] Come on out now, you can't throw up forever! We're all eating free hot dogs out here! Don't you want one?

[to Carol]

Duncan Stewart, Convenience Store Gunman: That's a stupid thing to say if he's chucking up. You try.


[Robert runs by]

Robert Potter: Morning, Leon! Morning, Miss Hathaway!

Leon: Slow down there, Robert!

Nurse Carol Hathaway: I hate that he calls me "Miss Hathaway".

Leon: Yeah, it's a real crime when kids show that kind of respect.


Duncan Stewart, Convenience Store Gunman: I love America! Everyone has a job here!