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"The Human Shield"
Season 12, Episode 7
Air date November 10, 2005
Written by R. Scott Gemmil
Directed by Laura Innes
Episode chronology
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"Dream House"
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"Two Ships"

"The Human Shield" is the seventh episode of the twelfth season of ER. It first aired on NBC on November 10, 2005. It was written by R. Scott Gemill and directed by series star Laura Innes. It has Abby Lockhart caught in the middle of a clash of wills between Drs. Luka Kovač and Victor Clemente over a treatment for a 10-year-old kidnapped victim. It was the first appearance of John Stamos as Tony Gates.


When a kidnapper used a kidnapped little girl as a human shield and both got shot during a shootout by police, Abby tends to the girl while others worked with the kidnapper. Kovac and Clemente dispute over the treatment of the girl with Abby in the middle, which could lead to tragedy. Neela receives disappointing news about Gallant's leave. Ray gets his comeuppance when he was attacked by Zoe's father when he learns about the thing between them. Abby comes to Luka's apartment and takes her frustration out on him over the issues with him and Clemente when suddenly, they kissed.


To be added.



  • Although listed in the opening credits, Scott Grimes did not appeared in this episode.

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