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"The Greatest of Gifts"
Season 7, Episode 9
Air date December 14, 2000
Written by Elizabeth Hunter
Directed by Jonathan Kaplan
Episode chronology
← previous
"The Dance We Do"
next →
"Piece of Mind"

The Greatest of Gifts is the 9th episode of the 7th season of "E.R."


Chen gives birth to her baby, but later has second thoughts about giving her child up for adoption, a decision that is also complicated by the adoptive parents' presence at the hospital.

With an enormous lack of sleep, Carter is called back to County to act as Chen's coach, and is later tempted to use Vicodin to take the edge off.

Mark and Corday spend the day in New York seeking help for his brain tumor.

Finch and Benton encounter trouble trying to keep Kynesha hidden from a gang. Benton comforts a little girl who is feeling used by her parents.

Weaver has the hiccups throughout the entire episode, trying several suggestions to stop them and is surprised when Legaspi kisses her.




  • Chen gives birth to a boy that the adoptive parents name Michael Alexander.
  • Carter steals Vicodin from a deceased patient and later vomits them up after ingesting them.
  • Although he is in the opening credits, Goran Visnjic does not appear in this episode.


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