Season 7, Episode 12
Air date February 1, 2001
Written by Jack Orman
Directed by Felix Enriquez Alcala
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Surrender is the 12th episode of the 7th season of "E.R."


Kim and Kerry run into each other, and Kerry is thinking a lot about what happened between them the other night. Kerry loses a patient, while Abby watches over the pasients daugther.

Elizabeth has some issues opperating on pasients, but gets over it at the end of the episode. Mark goes back to work.

Benton finds out that Carter almost took vicodin again.

NBC DescriptionEdit

TOM BOSLEY AND TOM POSTON GUEST-STAR: Dr. Weaver (Laura Innes) regrets her decision to report a work-related injury in an illegal sweatshop when the corrupt owners panic and try to eliminate the evidence by torching the premises with the illegal alien workers trapped inside while Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards) returns to work with a curious change in his attitude and personality.

Elsewhere, Dr. Benton (Eriq La Salle) is sandbagged by the wily Dr. Romano (Paul McCrane) who lures him into a new position without confiding the political implications of the new job.

After confessing his temptation to Weaver, Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) is restricted from issuing controlled narcotics.

Abby (Maura Tierney) treats two combative elderly men (guest stars Tom Poston, "Newhart" and Tom Bosley, "Happy Days") who are injured while fighting each other.

Dr. Corday (Alex Kingston) wavers again during surgery and risks her career. Goran Visnjic, Michael Michele and Erik Palladino also star.



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