"Summer Run"
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date September 28, 1995
Written by Lydia Woodward
Directed by Eric Laneuville
Episode chronology
← previous
"Welcome Back, Carter!"
next →
"Do One, Teach One, Kill One"

Summer Run is the second episode of the second season of "E.R."


On her first day as Chief Resident, Weaver manages to offend just about everyone in the ER. Carol goes on a ride-along with paramedics Shep and Raul & later shares a ferris wheel ride with Shep.

Benton and Jeanie's secret relationship comes to a head. Susan is stuck caring for Little Susie while Chloe attends school. Doug has his hands full with a young pyromaniac. Carter shows interest in med student Harper Tracy.

NBC DescriptionEdit

FIRE!: Ross treats a young pyromaniac for burns then leaves him to await a psych consult; however, once alone, the boy promptly starts a fire in the ER.

Lewis contends with her live-in sister, who quit computer school.

Carter and Harper grow closer while Benton asks Jeanie to leave her estranged husband. (Michael Beach).

Short summary Edit

It's Weaver's first day and she clashes with Doug, who has his hands full with a young pyromaniac. Carol rides along with paramedics Shep and Raul and Shep shows an interest in Carol. Just like Carter does in med student Harper Tracy. Benton and Jeanie try to hide their affair from the hospital staff and Al, Jeanie's husband. Susan gets stuck with little Susie when Chloe has to go to school.




  • For the next three seasons (starting in this episode), Michael Beach portrays the role of Jeanie Boulet's husband, Al. In the first season episode Full Moon, Saturday Night, the character of Al was portrayed by actor Wolfgang Bodison.


Kerry: Carol!
Carol: Oh! You scared me.
Kerry: Yeah, I do that to a lot of people.
Benton: Carter, do I look like your father?
Carter: No. Actually, not at all.
Shep: (to Carol) Welcome to Hell.

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