"Skye's the Limit"
Season 14, Episode 9
Season fourteen
Air date November 29, 2007
Written by Karen Maser
Directed by Paul McCrane
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"Skye's the Limit" is the ninth episode of the fourteenth season of ER. It first aired on NBC on November 29, 2007. It was written by Karen Maser and directed by former series star Paul McCrane. It has ER has to deal with an unpopular staffing decision, which infuriates Greg Pratt. Abby Lockhart deals with her past demons over her drinking relapse, which distances her from friends and family.


Pratt feels let down again with Anspaugh appoints Dr. Skye Wexler as Chief of Emergency Medicine over him. Abby cofronts her demons over her recent drinking relapse, which distants her from friends and family. Gates deals with Sarah coming back to Chicago.  Sam Murphy guest stars.

Short summaryEdit

A white man is brought to the ER after having caught his arm in a machine at work. Also brought in is a Hispanic cleaning woman with minor injuries she received trying to save the man. But the man's son is so angry that he looks to her as an object of blame. Meanwhile Dr. Wexlar is made ER chief, to the dismay of Pratt, and Abby continues to drink in secret and vent about Luca's absence for the previous few months.


Quotes Edit

Dubenko: You know what really relaxes me?

Wexler: Hm?

Dubenko: Yoga.

Wexler: Oh yeah?

Dubenko: Yeah. After a couple of long hours in the OR, a few poses can really mellow me out.

Wexler: I'm not into yoga. (rips his shirt open)

Dubenko(gasps) No.


Wexler: When it comes to relationships, I guess you could say I have a 'fluid' attitude.

Dubenko: Uh-huh.

Wexler: When I'm with someone, I'm with them and when I'm not, I'm not.

Dubenko: 'Love the one you're with'. 

Wexler: So if you can handle a relationship with no strings, sex with no commitments...then we're cool. (gauges his reaction) Does that freak you out?

Dubenko: No, I'm all good.


(after happening upon Abby and Luka when they are arguing).

Dawn: Not too awkward.

Grady: Is that Dr. Kovac?

Dawn: Yeah... He's a great guy.

Grady: I thought he'd be taller.


(on being appointed Acting Chief of Emergency Medicine)

Wexler: Dr. Anspaugh, all I want is to do my shifts and get the hell out of Dodge.

Anspaugh: Dr. Wexler, I need you to step up! So it's either Dodge, or nothing!


Tony: Hey, you know what? Why don't I pick you girls up some videos, maybe some pizza, ice cream...

Sarah: Cool! You're the best.

Gates:Yes. Yes I am...


Sarah: Oh, you should know. Steffi is a vegan, Kiki has a soy allergy and Mary Claire is lactose intolerant.

Tony: What's left to eat? Air?


Sam: How's Sarah?

Tony: Driving me crazy. She's having a sleepover, and it's like she's planning the invasion of Normandy.

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