Robert Nathan
Personal details
Profession Motion picture writer and producer
Years active 1990 to present
IMDb 0622250
Role Supervising Producer
Co-Executive Producer
Seasons 1
First episode "Day One"
Last episode "Everything Old Is New Again"
Credits 331 episodes (see below)
Robert Nathan, born August 13, 1948 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA, is a motion picture writer and producer. He is a writer and producer for ER. He has also worked on the Law and Order franchise.



He began his television career as a story editor for new crime drama Law and Order in fall 1990. He was promoted to executive story editor for the second season in fall 1991. He became a Co-Producer for the third season in fall 1992. He was promoted to Supervising Producer for the fourth season in fall 1993. He left the crew of Law and Order at the close of the fourth season.

He joined the crew of ER as a Supervising Producer and writer for the first season in fall 1994. He debuted with the second episode "Day One". He wrote the fifth episode "Into That Good Night", the eighth episode "9 1/2 Hours", and the fourteenth episode "Long Day's Journey". He was promoted to Co-Executive Producer from the nineteenth episode "Love's Labor Lost" onwards. He wrote the twenty second episode "Men Plan, God Laughs". He left the crew at the close of the season having written four episodes.

After leaving ER he wrote for Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, returned to Law and Order, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Conviction, Dirt, and Women's Murder Club.


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