"Refusal of Care"
Season 11, Episode 18
Air date April 21, 2005
Written by Joe Sachs
Directed by Gloria Muzio
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Refusal of Care is the 18th episode of the 11th season of "E.R."


Susan, Sam and Neela treat a woman who has tried to stop her son from being deported by going on a hunger strike.

Pratt struggles to find a way to convince a woman with breast cancer to seek treatment. Abby treats two elderly sisters involved in a suspicious mugging.

To Kerry's delight, Carter donates $150 million to the hospital's new venture in exchange for naming rights.

Morris spends the entire shift finishing up a report for Susan.

NBC DescriptionEdit

THE STAFF OF COUNTY GENERAL MUST DEAL WITH THE MORAL ISSUES SURROUNDING A HUNGER STRIKE VICTIM: A woman is brought in suffering from the effects of a hunger strike, but she will not accept food or help until she has proof that the INS will grant her son's deportation case a new hearing.

Neela (Parminder Nagra), Sam (Linda Cardellini), and Dr. Lewis (Sherry Stringfield) are incapable of treating her as long as she and her lawyer refuse aid which goes against all the doctors' training.

Meanwhile, Abby (Maura Tierney) (despite her suspicions) is unable to prove that 72-year-old Birdy Chaddock (Louise Fletcher) is the victim of elder abuse.

Also starring Noah Wyle, Mekhi Phifer, Eion Bailey.



Morris: Dr. Lewis, wait. May I call you Susan?
Susan: No!
[After Jake's pants slip off him during a procedure]
Pratt: Hey, man.
Chuny: Nice.
Pratt: What are you doing? Pull your pants up!
Jake: Sterile gloves.
Ray: That's a bummer.
Jake: Dr. Pratt, do you think you can...
Pratt: Hell no.
Jake: Ray?
Ray: Heh, no. I need to do a reduction exam.
Jake: Ah, Chuny?
Chuny: That would be sexual harassment.
[While looking at a snapshot of Jake with oversized scrubs that have slipped down to his ankles]
Pratt: Nah, boxers would stick out more.
Neela: It could be tighty whiteys.
Frank: Thong.
Ray: Hey, maybe Abby could settle this.
Chuny: Abby, boxers or briefs?
Abby: Actually, he goes commando.

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