Season 5, Episode 20
Air date May 6, 1999
Written by Carol Flint
Directed by Laura Innes
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Power is the 20th episode of the 5th season of "E.R." It was first aired on May, 6 in 1999. It was written by Carol Flint and directed by Laura Innes.


Romano observes the ER, and rubs the staff the wrong way. Lucy finds out that an elderly patient's bedsore is really much more. Carter breaks up with his girlfriend. The power goes out at County General, and the doctors must keep critical patients alive. Corday investigates the rape of a comatose patient.

Short summaryEdit

The hospital suffers through a series of power outages. Carol's decision to send Doug a fax about her pregnancy is thwarted by the power outages. The staff is on alert after a raped and beaten patient is found in a hallway. Romano begs Corday to stay in surgery, instead of trauma. Carter and Roxanne break up. Carter and Lucy treat a pheromone saleswoman.



  • Laura Innes' first stint as director on the show. Unusually, she also appears in the episode - she would generally direct episodes in which her character wasn't involved in the storylines.


(Romano has just started operating when the power goes out)

Romano: Wish I hadn't just made that incision.


Carol: I mean, do we even pretend to be living in a democracy anymore? It's just a medieval power play between career Republicans and Democrats and who hates who more. If there were still guillotines and burning at the stake, I swear they'd be doing that too.


Romano(to Corday and Benton) My, my, my! How many surgical heavyweights does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Corday: Depends on what's at stake, I guess. (commenting to Mark about Carol's weight gain)

Romano: I hate to see that happen. I had some decent fantasies about that one.


Romano: What? You didn't think I had a mother, did you?

Haleh: ...just trying to picture her.


Carol: I need to fax this.

Jerry: Be my guest. Or do you want me to...?

Carol: Oh, no thanks, it's kind of personal. I'll do it myself if that's okay.

Jerry: Do I look like Kerry Weaver?

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