Dr. Peter Benton is a fictional character and surgeon for the first eight seasons of ER.

Peter Benton
The Gift
Key information
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Born 1965
Occupation Surgeon
Specialty General Surgery
Family Mae Benton (mother, deceased)
Jackie Robbins (sister)
Walter Robbins (brother-in-law)
Jessie Robbins (nephew, deceased)
Joanie Robbins (niece)
Steven Robbins (nephew)
Spouse Cleo Finch (wife)
Children Reese Benton (son, from Carla Reese)
Behind the scenes
Portrayer: Eriq La Salle
Episode 171
First episode 24 Hours
Last episode And in the End...

Character BiographyEdit

Peter Benton is a very good surgeon. He has an abrasive personality and that is shown repeatedly through his treatment of intens and co-workers. He is typically very ambitious and in the first few seasons proved to be a mentor, friend, and antagonist to John Carter. Throughout the series he helped John Carter overcome a drug addiction and dealt with losing his nephew and his deaf son.


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