Peter Benton
The Gift
Key information
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Born 1965
Occupation Surgeon
Specialty General Surgery
Family Mae Benton (mother, deceased)
Jackie Robbins (sister)
Walter Robbins (brother-in-law)
Jessie Robbins (nephew, deceased)
Joanie Robbins (niece)
Steven Robbins (nephew)
Spouse Cleo Finch (wife)
Children Reese Benton (son, from Carla Reese)
Behind the scenes
Portrayer: Eriq La Salle
Episode 171
First episode 24 Hours
Last episode And in the End...

Dr. Peter Benton is a fictional character and surgeon for the first eight seasons of ER.

Character BiographyEdit

Peter Benton is a very good surgeon. He has an abrasive personality and that is shown repeatedly through his treatment of intens and co-workers. He is typically very ambitious and in the first few seasons proved to be a mentor, friend, and antagonist to John Carter. Throughout the series he helped John Carter overcome a drug addiction and dealt with losing his nephew and his deaf son.


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