Parental Guidance is the 4th episode of the 15th season of "E.R."

The episode aired on October 23, 2008.


Dr. Banfield defends herself ably during a mugging. Dubenko returns to work due in no small part to Brenner's organized protests. In return, Brenner asks a favor of Dubenko.

A young gymnast comes into the ER with injuries consistent with a fall, but Banfield and Gates each think a different family member may actually be to blame. Sarah neglects to ask Gates' permission before getting her tongue pierced.


Brenner (to Neela): I'm not going to beg, but one day you are going to wake up next to me, and you are going to wonder, how did this happen? And I'm going to smile and remind you that I predicted this over coffees and chocolate glazed donuts.
Neela: You are a cocky bastard.
Brenner: Yeah, but I'd be a correct cocky bastard and that's all that would matter.
(When Gates is leaning against the desk, yawning)
Banfield: Am I boring you, Dr. Gates?
Gates: Oh, sorry. It's the 6 a.m. shift. My brain is here, but my body isn't.

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