"Officer Down"
Season 14, Episode 3
Season fourteen
Air date October 11, 2007
Written by Janine Sherman Barrois
Directed by Christopher Chulack
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"Officer Down" is the third episode of the fourteenth season of ER. It was first aired on NBC in October 11 in 2007. It was written by Janine Sherman Barrois and directed by Christopher Chulack.

Plot Edit

Abby and a distracted Morris work to save two auxiliary cops brought in with gunshot wounds. Pratt treats a teen wrestler with severe vomiting, but the problem is much more serious. Sam worries over her new beau Litchman. Gates tries to help a young boy in the ICU with a deadly disease. Also, Dubenko visits Neela while she babysits baby Joe.

Short summary Edit

Two wounded police auxiliary officers present challenges in the ER. Neela settles in with Abby as she recovers, while Pratt and Bettina consider their relationship, after Bettina fakes an orgasm Pratt reminds her that he is not a 'mind reader'. Dubenko helps Gates get his young genius patient into a drug trial. Morris spends the day in an inexplicable bad mood, until he admits to Abby that his unsupportive father has just died.

Characters Edit

Quotes Edit

O'Malley(to Abby) Please don't let them die; they're like my kids.


Abby: I'm not having a meltdown. Meltdown involves throwing things. This is, like, a pre-meltdown.


Sam: Well, if you're that hard up why don't you call Jerry?

Frank: Didn't you hear? He moved to Alaska. He's slinging pitchers of beer somewhere outside Anchorage.

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