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"Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee"
Season 5, Episode 11
Air date January 7, 1999
Written by Linda Gase
Directed by Richard Thorpe
Episode chronology
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"The Miracle Worker"
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"Double Blind"

Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee is the 11th episode of the 5th season of "E.R." It was first aired on January, 7 in 1999. It was written by Linda Gase and directed by Richard Thorpe.


Dr. Greene discovers that Amanda Lee is a fake and Anspaugh never saw through her credentials. When Lee finds out that Greene is suspicious, she locks him with a patient inside. An old friend of Greene's recommends him for a NASA mission. Benton's son is having difficulties in day care. Doug and Carol help the exhausted mother named Joi of a little boy named Ricky who has a terminal illness. Carter is jealous when Lucy goes on a date with Dale. 

Short summaryEdit

Amanda Lee's obsession with Dr. Greene comes to a head when Mark inadvertantly digs up old med school records damaging to her career. Carter tries to save Lucy from Edson's advances. Peter treats Dr. Parks' grandchild, who interprets for her deaf mother and grandmother. Police officer Reggie Moore asks Jeanie out. Kerry receives a call from someone claiming to be her mother. Doug receives a job offer from Portland. Years after first applying, Greene is contacted by NASA as a potential astronaut candidate.



  • The title is from the long time advertising slogan for Sara Lee frozen desserts - Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee.
  • Carter and Roxanne wake up listening to The Eric and Kathy Show.


Dr. Mark Greene: Edie?

Edie Harvell: Oh, Dr. Greeene, I wanna... I want to thank you.

Dr. Mark Greene: For what? Getting you held hostage by a crazed lunatic?

Edie Harvell: Oh, I haven't... I haven't felt this good in years.

Dr. Mark Greene: That's great.

Edie Harvell: Yeah, I mean, if I can survive this hell-hole, I can survive anything.

Dr. Mark Greene: Can I call you a cab?

Edie Harvell: [hurriedly] No. No. No, I think I'm just gonna walk.

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