Mr. Schudy
Key information
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Occupation Civilian/Father of patient.
Title Mr. Schudy
Family Mrs. Schudy- wife, Kenny Schudy- son (abandoned).
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by David Hewlett
First episode "Never Say Never"
Last episode "Never Say Never"
Appearances 1 episodes (see below)

Mr. Schudy is a man who appeared in Never Say Never and who was the father of Kenny Schudy, a young six year old boy with Edwards syndrome and the husband of Mrs. Schudy.

After leaving their son, Kenny in the care of the County General surgical team led by Dr. Elizabeth Corday, Mr. Schudy and his wife told Corday that they were heading to the cafeteria.

Presumably, they both in fact reached the ground floor of the hospital and then walked out of the hospital altogether, abandoning their son due to the fact that they couldn't care for him anymore, having gone through six years of torment, having cared for a child who was not supposed to have lived as long as Kenny had.

After the surgery was completed, Corday searched for the Schudys but didn't find them anywhere in the hospital. She later reported to her superior, Dr. Robert Romano that the entire document that Mr. Schudy had supposedly filed out was composed of nothing more than fake addresses and bogus phone numbers, suggesting that Schudy may have been an alias or a false identity of some sort, thus leaving Mr. Schudy's real name unknown and also his true identity as well as that of the Schudys themselves in question.

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