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"Mars Attacks"
Season 7, Episode 3
Air date October 26, 2000
Written by R. Scott Gemmill
Directed by Paris Barclay
Episode chronology
← previous
"Sand and Water"
next →
"Benton Backwards"

Mars Attacks is the 3rd episode of the 7th season of "E.R."


Carter treats a young paraplegic on his first day back at County. Corday and Greene try to work around a surgeon shortage.

Benton discovers that Romano has fired him for his actions last week. Weaver offers Abby a position in the ER as a full-time nurse. Abby later plants an impromptu smooch on Kovac.

Various weird patients arrive at the ER following a beam collapse at a sci-fi convention. Malucci goes out of his way to discover who the father of Chen's baby is. A patient with "spontaneous human combustion" catches fire.





Benton (to Romano): So, what is my position here?
Romano: You have no position here.
Benton: So, you're firing me?
Romano: No, no, no, Peter. You fired yourself.
Weaver (to Romano): Did you even take the Hippocratic oath?
Romano: I had my fingers crossed.
Carter (to Mark): I'm gone for a couple of weeks, you're engaged, Chen's pregnant, Malucci's blonde and I can't seem to remember my locker combination.

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