"Long Day's Journey"
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date January 19, 1995
Written by Robert Nathan
Directed by Anita Addison
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Feb 5, 1995


Kayson is brought in as a heart patient and gets treated by Susan. Susan is cleared of any wrongdoing in the death of a patient. Peter hires someone to take care of his mother — without consulting his sister, Jackie.

NBC DescriptionEdit

PARENT ABUSE?: Puzzled by a female patient's potentially fatal injuries, Greene discovers that the woman is being abused by her teenage daughter.

Lewis and Kayson (Sam Anderson) are brought before the review board regarding the malpractice suit. Later, when Kayson suffers a heart attack, Lewis must treat him.

Desperate to avoid putting his mother in a nursing home, Dr. Benton hires physical therapist Jeanie Boulet (Gloria Reubens) to care for his mom without consulting his sister (Khandi Alexander).

Dr. Ross detects cancer in a young boy who arrived with a wrestling injury, and also treats a homeless teen with AIDS.

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