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"Just A Touch"
Season 10, Episode 19
Air date April 22, 2004
Written by R. Scott Gemmill
Directed by Richard Thorpe
Episode chronology
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"Where There's Smoke"
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"Abby Normal"

Just a Touch is the 19th episode of the 10th season of "E.R."


A patient accuses Pratt of inappropriate behavior during a breast exam. Sam is confused by her ex's attempts to win her back. Abby begins her psych rotation while Neela moves on to the research lab.

Chen's father is admitted to the hospital. Weaver is granted custody of Henry for the weekend. Corday is uncomfortable when the two men she is dating end up meeting. Abby discovers that Carter paid her med school tuition.


  • The guitar riff that Steve (Alex's dad) plays at the beginning of the episode is from the Blind Melon song "No Rain."


Sam: (to Pratt) Men only care about three things: food, sports and sex. Dogs are more mysterious.
Luka (to Abby): How's the Psych rotation?
Abby: Kind of scary.
Luka: The patients?
Abby: No, me. I like it.
Morris (about Pratt treating a patient): Sounds like he TUBEd her.
Sam: What?
Morris: T.U.B.E: Totally Unnessesary Breast Exam.
Sam: Morris, you're such an ass.
Kerry: What was that?
Morris: Huh?
Kerry: What was that term?
Morris: I dunno, I didn't make it up.

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