"It's Not Easy Being Greene"
Season 2, Episode 13
Air date February 1, 1996
Written by Paul Manning
Directed by Christopher Chulack
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It's Not Easy Being Greene is the 13th episode of the second season of "E.R." It was aired the 1 February in 1996. Written by Paul Manning and directed by Christopher Chulack.

Plot Edit

It's his day off, but Mark shows up for work anyway. After a patient dies and Morgenstern wants to speak to him, Mark soon regrets coming in after all.

NBC DescriptionEdit

FINAL SETTLEMENTS: Greene finally settles the wrongful death suit, only to have his ex-wife sue for custody of their daughter, Rachel.

Carter takes credit for Harper's diagnosis, which leads to an argument. Benton grows increasingly suspicious of Dr. Vucelich's research study.

Weaver pressures Lewis about the Chief Resident position; Hathaway becomes a part-time worm farmer to raise extra cash.

Short summary Edit

It's his day off, but that doesn't stop Mark from showing up at work. He gets a patient with heart problems who dies and an insecure Mark thinks it might be his fault. Later on, Morgenstern and a lawyer want to talk to Mark about the O'Brien case of the year before. Harper finds a patient for Vucelich's study and tells Carter but he omits to tell Vucelich and Benton it was Harper who found the patient instead of him. After Vucelich tells Benton the patient wasn't suited for the study, Benton starts to doubt Vucelich's study. Carol takes care of a lady who has with her a bucket of worms while Doug has a kid who's medically fine, but does have some other problems that need to be talked about.




  • "It's not easy being green", the phrase which this episode's title derives from, is actually a sing written by Joe Raposo and was originally performed by Kermit the Frog for Sesame Street (1969). The phrase appears in pop culture as an expression of melancholy.


Nurse Carol Hathaway: Hey, what happened to those worms in radiology?

Dr. Susan Lewis: They're doing a consult.

Nurse Carol Hathaway: No, no those earthworms. I put a bucket of earthworms in there and they're gone.


Dr. Mark Greene: I lost my family for this job.


Dr. Doug Ross: Boy, are you arrogant! There's you and the Pope. You guys are infallible. And then there's the rest of us.

Dr. Mark Greene: Well, as of today, the Pope's on his own.


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