Into That Good Night is the fifth episode of the first season of the NBC medical drama series ER . It premiered on October 13, 1994.

"Into That Good Night"
Season 1, Episode 5
Into That Good Night
Air date October 13, 1994
US viewers 26.7 M
Written by Robert Nathan
Directed by Charles Haid
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Mark Greene 's wife Jen gets a position clerking with a Federal judge. Unfortunately, it's in Milwaukee, 2 hours away and she wants Mark to look for a job there. Greene and Susan Lewis treat Samuel Gasner, a man who has been waiting for a heart transplant and who will not survive the night unless a donor can be found. John Carter is worried that his latest paramour may have left him with a souvenir of their sexual encounter. Doug Ross treats a young girl suffering from severe asthma but whose mother can't afford her medication. Benton treats Ivan the liquor store owner who is shot for the third time in as many weeks.

NBC Description

HAVE A HEART: Dr. Greene tries to help a man waiting for a heart transplant hold on until his family arrives. Meanwhile, Greene's wife gets an out-of-state job offer.

Dr. Ross (GEORGE CLOONEY) treats a young girl for asthma and when he learns her family can't afford the medicine, he gives it to her anyway. Later, on his way home, he rescues a pregnant woman from a car accident.

Carter gets surprising results from an STD test.

Lewis (SHERRY STRINGFIELD) resuscitates a college student who almost drank himself to death.

Cast and Characters


Anthony Edwards as Dr. Mark Greene 

George Clooney as Dr. Doug Ross

Sherry Stringfield as Dr. Susan Lewis

Noah Wyle as John Carter

Julianna Margulies as Nurse Carol Hathaway

Eriq La Salle as Dr. Peter Benton


Abraham Benrubi as Jerry Markovic

Sam Anderson as Dr. Jack Kayson

John Terry as Dr. Div Cvetic

Ellen Crawford as Nurse Lydia Wright

Yvette Freeman as Nurse Haleh Adams
Vanessa Marquez as Wendy Goldman
Yvonne Zima as Rachel Greene


Alan Rosenberg as Sam Gasner

Liz Vassey as Liz

Brenda Strong as Sally Niemeyer (uncredited)



  • From a cryptic exchange between Doug and Susan we learn Doug's age. He mentions that it is the same as that of former Chicago Cubs second baseman Ryne Sandberg upon Sandberg's retirement, and Mozart's at the time of the composer's death; Doug is 35 years old.


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