Season 9, Episode 3
Air date October 10, 2002
Written by Yahlin Chang & Jack Orman
Directed by Charles Haid
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Insurrection is the 3rd episode of the 9th season of the "E.R."



Lewis treats an end-stage Huntington's patient, whose mother has already watched her husband wither from the disease.

Abby's brother Eric, an Air Force traffic controller, visits on his way to a new post in Nebraska.

Carter tends to a 12-year-old drug-addicted prostitute with a serious STD, until her pimp shows up and whisks her away.

Pratt aggravates a drug-seeking man who comes back brandishing a gun at Chen and Abby and demanding Demerol. Abby gives him his shot, but purposefully ODs him.

In the aftermath, Carter flips his lid, demanding better security and the installation of metal detectors. When Weaver refuses, Carter leads a walkout.

In the end, Weaver eventually caves, albeit before telling Carter that he must fire three senior nurses by the next morning to make up the expense.

Abby, Lewis and Chen go to a concert to decompress.

NBC DescriptionEdit

GUNPLAY IN EMERGENCY ROOM PROMPTS DEFIANT CARTER TO LEAD INSURRECTION: After an enraged drug addict pulls a gun on Dr. Chen (Ming-Na) and other staff members, a fed-up Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) leads a divisive walkout when his request for metal detectors is delayed, thereby endangering the lives of new patients.

Elsewhere, Dr. Lewis (Sherry Stringfield) counsels an exhausted elderly woman (guest star Shirley Knight) whose adult son is dying from Huntington's disease, the same affliction that killed her husband.

In addition, Dr. Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) tries to safeguard his developmentally disabled brother (guest star Marcello Thedford) and comforts Chen after her brush with death.

Dr. Kovac (Goran Visnjic) treats an HIV-infected boy whose parents arouse his curiosity and Abby's (Maura Tierney) brother (guest star Thomas Everett Scott) gets an eyeful when he visits the hospital.

Laura Innes, Paul McCrane and Sharif Atkins also star. TV-14




Pratt (to Carter): What are you doing?
Carter: I'm ordering metal detectors.
Frank: Get some cattle prods while you're at it.
Carter: Shut up, Frank.
Abby: Hey, Frank, take care of my baby brother.
Frank: Is he potty trained?
Carter (to Lewis): I got stabbed, Lucy got killed and today, Abby and Chen get a gun to their heads. I'm sorry, no. It's got to stop. Otherwise, it's not worth doing.
Abby (to Carter): Normally they just decapitate the leaders of the insurrection and send the peasants back to work in the fields.
Lewis: You're security. We're doctors, okay? We shouldn't have to take down a needle-throwing psychotic.
Eric (to Abby): From what I can tell, you're smarter than most people here. Smart enough to know you shouldn't be working here.
Abby: That career advice is just a little bit late, but thank you.

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