"In A Different Light"
Season 14, Episode 2
Season fourteen
Air date October 4, 2007
Written by Lisa Zwerling
Karen Maser
Directed by Richard Thorpe
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"In A Different Light" is the second episode of the fourteenth season of ER. It was first aired on NBC in October 4 in 2007. It was written by Lisa Zwerling and Karen Maser. It was directed by Richard Thorpe.


Patients include a Pregnant teacher whose student/lover was critically injured while driving; a man who is hiding a gunshot wound and a brilliant young boy who knows he is dying, but hides it from his mother. Dr. Moretti continues to remake the ER to his liking, Neela is recovering, Luka's absence is reinforced (back in Croatia and not coming back) and Sam may be starting a new relationship with a police officer.

Short summary

Moretti makes his presence felt as he implements changes in the way patients are seen. Abby and Dubenko differ on how to proceed when a patient comes in with a bullet in him needed as evidence. Pratt complains to Anspaugh about the new Chief. Neela is released from the hospital. Abby has passport woes, and also struggles with the changes being made by Moretti. Hope prepares for a new mission, one Morris is not too happy about. Gates helps, and is helped by, a child prodigy in the ICU. Sam, Chuny and Dawn go "speed dating."



  • The gun shot victims wife in this episode is Christina Vidal. Her sister is Lisa Vidal, who played Dr. Weavers partner, Sandy Lopez.


Dubenko(to Abby) You think after years of doing this you start to get a handle on people. The reality is, everybody lies and manipulates to get what they want.


Frank: Hey, Pratt! Mazel tov.

Pratt: You having a stroke Frank?

Frank: Did you know that your great-great-great-grandmother on your mother's side was an Ethiopian Jew?

Morris: Wow! Black and Jewish. You're like County's own Sammy Davis, Jr.

Pratt: Get outta here.

(Morris starts to sing "Candy Man," by Sammy Davis Jr)

Morris: Who can take a rainbow, wrap it in the sky ... the Pratt Man can.


Morris: Where you girls going?

Dawn: Speed dating at Ike's.

Frank: What the heck is speed dating?

Morris: It's a way for losers to meet other losers fast.


(Moretti has ordered Abby to do triage in the waiting area for the entire day)

Abby: I have to go back to waiting; Mussolini was not happy to see me out of my cage.