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"Impulse Control"
Season 10, Episode 14
Air date February 12, 2004
Written by Yahlin Chang
Directed by Jonathan Kaplan
Episode chronology
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"Get Carter"
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"Blood Relations"

"Impulse Control" is the fourteenth episode of the tenth season of ER. It first aired on NBC on February 12, 2004. It was written by Yahlin Chang and directed by Jonathan Kaplan. It has Samantha Taggart dealing with a young woman who was gang-raped by her abusive fiance's friends, a family brought into the ER following a three car wreck, and Abby Lockhart and Greg Pratt trying to reason with an uncooperative patient who has Tuberculosis.


Sam handles the case of a young woman brought into the ER. Sam discovers that she was gang-raped by her abusive fiance and his friends. Sam also helps a grieving mother, whose family is slipping away following a car accident. The accident was caused by a Hum Vee driver who collapsed while at the wheel. They try to find the woman's daughter in another hospital. Abby and Pratt are forced to take action with an unruly patient when they discover he has Tuberculosis. Carter shows Kem the city and plans to move into a townhouse he has bought for them. Arnie Nadler, a Human Resources consultant, is assigned to observe the ER staff.


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Frank: (to Susan) Are you getting married or is that kid going to be a bastard?
Abby: Shut up, Frank.
Alex: (about his friend Austin's family) They always pray before they start eating. You have to bow your head and stuff. It's weird.
Sam: Just be respectful. Think about something else.
Alex: Like what?
Sam: I don't know. Baseball, dinosaurs, cannibalism.
Abby (to Pratt): What are we gonna throw all our TB patients in jail? Cause I'm telling you...
Pratt: No, just this one in particular.
Abby: If this is the way we treat people with TB, they're gonna stop coming to this hospital.
Pratt: Abby, it's not like they all go clubbing together.
Arnie Nadler (to Kerry): This place is a disaster. I've never seen anything like it. I've witnessed your workers engaging in bullying, hostility, violence, inappropriate touching...
Kerry: Oh, come on. We have a good staff. They do their best.
Arnie Nadler: You have a bunch of walking lunatics on your hands! Doctors yelling, nurses beating up patients. You need to start firing people immediately!
Kerry: Fine. You're fired.
Arnie Nadler: What?
Kerry: Don't come back tomorrow.
Arnie Nadler: You won't be meeting the terms of the legal settlement.
Kerry: So sue me. Again. What else is new?

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