"How the Finch Stole Christmas"
Season 6, Episode 9
Air date December 16, 1999
Written by Linda Gase
Directed by Fred Einesman
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How the Finch Stole Christmas is the 9th episode of the 6th season of "E.R."


NBC Description=Edit

ON CHRISTMAS EVE, LUCY HEROICALLY STRUGGLES TO GIVE PATIENT THE GREATEST GIFT: On Christmas Eve, a stubborn Lucy (Kellie Martin) tries everything to help a desperate young woman (guest star Myndy Crist), who is running out of time, get a life-saving heart transplant.

A festive Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle), decked-out as Santa Claus, aids a wounded gangbanger (guest star Kente Scott) and then offers to trade a gift for his gun which prompts a flood of other gang members willing to trade their "gats" for choice presents.

Dr. Finch (Michael Michele) regretfully ruins a dysfunctional family's holiday when she places Chad Kottmeier (guest star Emile Hirsch), a besotted teenager whom she previously treated in the hospital's alcohol treatment program for his own safety.

Hathaway (Julianna Margulies) gets help from kindly Dr. Kovac (Goran Visnjic) when she suspects that one of her four-week old twins might have a fever.

An uneasy Dr. Corday (Alex Kingston) must continue to treat a repulsive murder suspect (guest star Lawrence Monoson).

Dr. Weaver (Laura Innes) is shown some glitches in the ER's computer that was rated Y2K compliant.

Dr. Benton (Eriq La Salle) receives shocking news from an angry Carla (Lisa Nicole Carson) and the ER swarms with sickly Santas. Paul McCrane also stars.





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