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"House of Cards"
Season 1, Episode 21
Air date April 6, 1995
Written by Tracey Stern
Directed by Fred Gerber
Episode chronology
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Full Moon, Saturday Night
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Men Plan, God Laughs


Dr. Greene is still having trouble dealing with cases in the ER and the new Chief of Staff is growing increasingly concerned. Greene also faces a difficult peer review to examine his handling of the Jodi O'Brien case.

Dr. Benton takes on the difficult task of telling his mother that she must be placed in a home with full-time care.

Susan's very pregnant sister Chloe returns to live with her.

Dr. Ross deals with the case of a young girl with a heart condition while Ross and Carter encounter a patient who refuses treatment for tuberculosis.

When Benton asks Deb Chen and Carter to submit their procedures book in a few days, Deb feels she has to get a few more procedures under her belt if she's to best her fellow student. Unfortunately, her eagerness leads to near tragedy for a patient.

NBC DescriptionEdit

BENTON'S MOTHER'S DAY: On Taglieri's recommendation, Benton's mother (Beah Richards) is released from the ER into a nursing home.

After a near-fatal error, Chen contemplates giving up medicine. Diane (Lisa Zane) and Ross continue their relationship.

Lewis's sister (Kathleen Wilhoite) returns, eight months pregnant and homeless.


Ross pursues a relationship with Diane Leeds. Drs. Greene and Swift have a confrontation concerning the pregnant woman who died while under Greene's care. Benton places his mother in a nursing home. Deb makes a grave error in judgment. Dr. Lewis' sister returns to Chicago, pregnant and homeless.

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