"Heal Thyself"
Season 15, Episode 7
Air date November 13, 2008
Written by David Zabel
Directed by David Zabel
Episode chronology
← previous
"Oh, Brother"
next →
"Age of Innocence"

"Heal Thyself" is the seventh episode of the fifteenth season of ER. It first aired on NBC on November 13, 2008. It was written and directed by David Zabel. It has Anthony Edwards returing as Mark Greene in the flashback role as Catherine Banfield's past is revealed.


While out for a mind-clearing run, Banfield encounters a desperate situation and finds herself trying to rescue a very young girl from drowning in a nearby lake. Painful memories of her son in mortal danger and Dr. Greene's heroic attempts to save him are triggered during the experience. Meanwhile, Gates attempts to pull some strings to help out a homeless war veteran, and the interns continue to struggle in the ER.


To be added.



  • Anthony Edwards makes his first appearance as Mark Greene since his departure in the season 8 episode On the Beach.
  • David Lyons didn't appear in that episode, despite having his name credited in that episode.
  • Eriq La Salle appears to speak out about the death of Michael Crichton after the old ER title card is shown. After he introduces himself, He says to the audience, "This past week we lost the creator of our show, Michael Crichton. He was a true gentleman, gracious and witty, a brilliant writer, intelligent and unfailingly kind. Most of all, Michael was a good friend. We'll miss him."

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