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"Gut Reaction"
Season 4, Episode 18
Air date April 16, 1998
Written by Neal Baer
Directed by T.R. Babu Subramaniam
Episode chronology
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"A Bloody Mess"
next →
"Shades of Grey"

Gut Reaction is the 18th episode of the 4th season of "E.R." It was first aired on April 16 in 1998. It was written by Neal Baer and directed by T.R. Babu Subramaniam.


Benton and Morgenstern clash after a surgery is botched. Scott, with Jeanie's help, makes a choice about his cancer treatment. Carter helps Del Amico when she is found to be a potential bone marrow donor for a patient. Ross protects an ill child. Greene organizes the ramshackle but fun annual ER banquet. Gamma Carter may cut funding to Hathaway's clinic, forcing Carter to make a difficult decision.

Short summaryEdit

When a compatible bone marrow donor cannot be located, Scott Anspaugh agrees to undergo a new round of chemotherapy, even though there appears to be little point. Doug Ross suggests to Jeanie Boulet that Scott may have agreed to the therapy because of her. Mark Greene has taken on the task of organizing the annual ER banquet only to find that Jerry, on whom he had been relying for much of the preparation, hasn't quite delivered. John Carter confronts his grandmother when he learns that she has cut off funding for Carol Hathaway's free clinic. In the OR, Peter Benton has a major confrontation with Dr. Morgenstern, pushing him aside and taking over an operation. Greene and Weaver criticize Doug Ross over his handling of a sick child and her mother.




Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Have you ever removed an entire stomach before?

Dr. Peter Benton: No. Have you?

Dr. Elizabeth Corday: In a frog.


Dr. Doug Ross: Do you think of me as diplomatic?

Nurse Carol Hathaway: What does that have to do with it?

Dr. Doug Ross: Answer the question.

Nurse Carol Hathaway: Well, it's not the first word that springs to mind, no.

Dr. Doug Ross: What would the first word be that springs to mind?

Nurse Carol Hathaway: Um, stubborn. Opinionated. Insouciant.

Dr. Doug Ross: Insouciant?

Nurse Carol Hathaway: Look it up.


Nurse Lydia Wright: What are you wearing tonight?

Nurse Connie Oligario: My velvet dress.

Nurse Lydia Wright: The one you wore last year?

Nurse Connie Oligario: I didn't pass out and rip mine in the parking lot like someone I know.

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