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"Greene with Envy"
Season 6, Episode 3
Air date October 14, 1999
Written by Patrick Harbinson
Directed by Peter Markle
Episode chronology
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"Last Rites
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"Sins of the Fathers"

Greene with Envy is the third episode of the sixth season of "ER". It was first aired on October, 14 in 1999. It was written by Patrick Harbinson and directed by Peter Markle.


Gabriel Lawrence, the newly appointed attending physician arrives for his first day at County and while Kerry reconnects with her old mentor, Mark believes that Lawrence is unsuitable while Jeanie and Reggie finally get married. Corday is shadowed by a reporter in the ER where a shootout later erupts as Carter tries to supportive as Elaine undergoes a mastectomy while Mark and Elizabeth later spend their first night together.

Short summary Edit

Mark clashes with new attending physician Gabriel Lawrence. Lucy and Luka try to convince a woman that her husband is dangerous. Carter tries to be supportive as Elaine undergoes her mastectomy. After Weaver puts in a good word for her, Jeanie receives baby Carlos on a temporary basis; she and Reggie get married later in the day. Cleo treats a family who was in an accident. Benton talks with his lawyer about having a DNA test. Mark and Elizabeth spend their first night together.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The start of Alan Alda 's five episode arc as Dr Gabriel Lawrence , a mentor of Kerry Weaver's who is slowly succumbing to Alzheimers. Alda earned an Emmy nomination for his work on the show.
  • The acronym for the four core values on the badges that practically everyone in the ER is wearing is CARE; Creativity, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence.

Quotes Edit

[about Reese]

Dr. Peter Benton: Hey, Jackie, do you think he looks like me?

Jackie Robbins: Hope not. He's got enough problems.


Dr. Robert Romano: The Chicago Gazette is sending over a reporter - mostly to do a fluff piece on me - but they also want to take a look at the ER.

Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Why are you telling me?

Dr. Robert Romano: Well, because you're gonna show them around. Let them see what heroes we all are. How we save kiddies' lives et cetera. You know? Blowing my trumpet?

Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Don't you do that better yourself?

Dr. Robert Romano: Look at you. Look at me. Who would you rather spend an hour with?

Dr. Elizabeth Corday: You have a point.


Carter: I want you to know that I'm here for you and that for me this wasn't just about...

Elaine: Sex?

Carter: Yeah, it wasn't about that.

Elaine: It was for me. And if we're talking 'needs' John, I don't need you to feel sorry or worried or tender or anything. I just need you to go away.

Carter: I don't want to go away.


Mark: (about not being consulted regarding the hiring of Gabe Lawrence) Couldn't you have the courtesy to at least tell me first? It's called respect, Kerry. Hey, look, it's even on your stupid badge.

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