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"Good Luck, Ruth Johnson"
Season 5, Episode 9
Air date December 10, 1998
Written by Lydia Woodward
Directed by Rod Holcomb
Episode chronology
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The Good Fight
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The Miracle Worker

"Good Luck, Ruth Johnson" is the ninth episode of the fifth season of ER. The episode was the series' 100th episode. It first aired in December 10, 1998 on NBC. It was written by Lydia Woodward and directed by Rod Holcomb. It has John Carter giving someone name Ruth Johnson a tour of the hospital since she was born in the same hospital 100 years ago while Carol Hathaway learns a terrifying truth behind a fatal shooting of a boy's friend.


In the 100th episode of the series, Carter gives an elderly woman name Ruth Johnson a tour of the hospital since she is celebrating her 100th birthday in the same hospital she was born in. Elizabeth goes in the M&M conference regarding her crucial mistake and speaks out about hospital interns' work hours. Hathaway discovers a horrifying true story of the shooting death of a boy.

Short summaryEdit

Carter plays tour guide for Ruth Johnson, who was born in the hospital 100 years ago to the day, and her large family. Carol treats a boy who was hit by a car and tells a story of being chased, his friend being shot in the process. Peter observes Kotlowitz install a cochlear implant and decides to wait before scheduling an operation for Reese. Mark dines with Dr. Lee, new ER chief. Dr. Corday proposes radical changes in scheduling at an M&M conference, and later decides to break off her relationship with Benton.


Trivia Edit

  • This episode - in which the hospital celebrates the fact it is 100 years old - was devised to mark the 100th episode.
  • Charles Noland (former nurse trainee E. Ray) was set to make a return in this episode as a patient, but his scene was cut.
  • A story line in which Jeanie's teenage patient forges a prescription for Vicodin by changing it from 4 tablets to 40 was removed from this episode. One scene involved Jeanie attempting to persuade Reggie to arrest the teenager. This scene would later be re-shot and used in the episode "Sticks and Stones."

Quotes Edit

Weaver: Carter! I am not your mother! Now, for the last time, get up!


Ruth Johnson: My family is afraid that I am going to die before they take the picture.

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