"Forgive and Forget"
Season 9, Episode 16
Air date February 26, 2004
Written by Bruce Miller
Directed by Christopher Chulack
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Forgive and Forget is the 16th episode of the 10th season of "E.R."


A vengeful patient steals a tank and heads for County. Gillian visits Luka and Sam is none too happy about it. Luka treats a 13-year-old boy who has chlamydia.

Frank suffers from a heart attack and the staff sees a different side to him when his wife and daughter show up. Corday plays the dating game.

NBC DescriptionEdit

PSYCHO PATIENT STEALS TANK TO WREAK HAVOC WHILE SAM IS JEALOUS OF DR. KOVAC'S FRENCH FRIEND: A psychotic patient (guest star James Leo Ryan) makes good on his promise to punish the medicos when he steals an Army tank and grinds his way across Chicago towards the hospital while Sam (Linda Cardellini) grows jealous of Dr. Kovac's (Goran Visnjic) visiting French friend Gillian (guest star Simone-Elise Girard) and one of the E.R. staffers suffers a heart attack.

Elsewhere, Kovac is startled at the lack of concern among some 13-year-olds who are diagnosed with chylamidia.

Sam ponders the curious relationship between a concerned teenaged girl and her sick father who is in full cardiac arrest and Dr. Corday (Alex Kingston) is enchanted with a charming fellow surgeon (guest star Paul Blackthorne).



Neela: (to Frank) You know what? You're a horrible man. Do you think it's pleasant being greeted every day by a fusillade of homophobic, xenophobic ranting from a bigot? From now on, I expect nothing from you but silence. Blissful silence.
Chen: What's with all these boxes, Frank?
Frank: That's where I keep my lists of idiotic questions.
Neela (about Frank): Hard to believe he was an officer.
Pratt: And a husband and a father.
Neela: And a bigot.
Pratt: That too.
Morris (about a psychotic patient who steals a tank and is coming to County): Oh, my God! He's coming for us.
Abby: Not us, pal. You.
Luka (to Sam about Gillian): She has a boyfriend.
Sam: That's nice.
Luka: You said you didn't want to be exclusive!
Sam: I said it four days ago!
Luka: I forgot she was coming.
Sam: You know what, I don't care. It's fine, Luka.
Luka: It's fine?
Sam: You think I really care how many little French girls you're screwing? You already nailed every nurse in the ER!
Luka (to Sam): No, it was fine.
Sam: Because, when I said before. I didn't mean we shouldn't see each other at all. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
Luka: You want things to be casual.
Sam: Right. But if it's a choice between something serious or nothing, maybe serious is the way to go.

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