"Fevers of Unknown Origin"
Season 2, Episode 20
Air date May 2, 1996
Written by Carol Flint
Directed by Richard Thorpe
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Fevers of Unknown Origin is the 20th episode of the second season of "E.R." It first aired on May, 2 1996. Written by Carol Flint and directed by Richard Thorpe.


In order to avoid having to deal with her personal problems regarding little Susie, Susan absorbs herself in her work.

NBC DescriptionEdit

TRUCE: Ross and Benton put aside their differences when they work to save a little girl hurt in a water heater explosion. Lewis deals with losing custody of Susie by throwing herself into work and saving a few lives in the process.

Greene continues to finalize his divorce, but has sex with his estranged wife in the meantime.

Carter thinks working with Ross will be easy. Ross starts dating his father's boss (Marg Helgenberger).

Short summaryEdit

Susan doesn't want to think about the fact Chloe gets custody of little Susie and wholly absorbs herself in her work. Which gains recognition from Kerry and Mark, who are thinking about who could be next year's chief resident. Kerry meanwhile hopes she'll be chosen Resident of the Year. To be able to graduate, Carter has to do a pediatric rotation. He'll have to help Doug out the next couple of weeks. Doug in the meantime takes on with Karen, who his father has also taken on with. Shep gets more and more aggressive and shoves a boy interfering with his work. The boy ends up in the ER. Mark and Jennifer have agreed to talk about their divorce.




Randi Fronczak: I don't believe in divorce.

Dr. Mark Greene: I always suspected you were an old fashioned girl.

Randi Fronczak: I don't believe in marriage either.


Shep: Yeah, he fell right over backwards onto it.

Riley: Well, he really didn't fall, did he? He was pushed.


Mark: Boy, did I pick the wrong specialty.

Dr. Howard: What's that?

Mark: Emergency medicine. Damn radiation oncologists work a few hours, and then lock the doors at ten to five.

Dr. Howard: Those radiation oncologists sound pretty smart.

Greene: You're Dr. Howard, aren't you?

(later on, in the elevator)
... She also has radiation burns.

Dr. Howard: Is this a relative of yours?

Greene: Friend of the family.

Dr. Howard: Catch me during office hours and I'll review her chart.

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