"Feb 5, 1995"
Season 1, Episode 15
Air date February 2, 1994
Written by John Wells
Directed by James Hayman
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Long Day's Journey
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Make of Two Hearts


Morgenstein offers Greene a position as attending physician after completion of his residency. New crash carts for the ER are stolen by cardiology. Deb outshines Carter in front of Dr. Benton. Ross becomes interested in a hospital employee Diane Leeds.

NBC DescriptionEdit

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTS: Dr. Benton is chastised by Nurse Haleh (Yvette Freeman), Nurse Hathaway and his mother's new physical therapist (Gloria Reubens) for his condescending attitude.

Dr. Morgenstern (William H. Macy), impressed by Dr. Greene's performance, offers him an attending position upon completion of his residency which doesn't sit well with Greene's out-of-state wife, Jennifer (Christine Harnos).

Meanwhile, a terminal patient (Linda Kelsey) asks for Greene's help in ending her life and a poisonous pet snake gets loose in the ER.

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