"Everything Old Is New Again"
Season 1, Episode 25
Air date May 18, 1995
Written by John Wells
Directed by Mimi Leder
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"Welcome Back, Carter!"

"Everything Old is New Again" is the twenty-fifth and final episode of the first season of ER. It was written by show runner John Wells and directed by co-executive producer Mimi Leder. It first aired on NBC on May 18, 1995.


Greene is sued for malpractice. Benton offers Carter a surgical internship, and Swift offers Greene an attending job in the ER for next year. Tag and Hathaway prepare for their wedding day, but it doesn't look like it's going through.

NBC DescriptionEdit

COLD FEET: Greene is slapped with a malpractice suit regarding the pregnant woman who died while in labor. Later, Swift offers Greene the attending position.

Carter, convinced this is his last day in the ER, slanders Dr. Benton in final evaluations. However, Carter later gets the surgical internship when the first candidate turns it down -- and he also learns that Benton gave him high marks.

As the ER crew gathers at the church for Carol Hathaway's wedding, Carol and Tag both realize that he loves her more than she loves him. The wedding is called off, but the reception goes on anyway.

Short Summary Edit

It's Carter's last day in the ER and finally fed up with Dr. Benton's apparent indifference, rejoices when he learns that he gets to write an appraisal on him. He subsequently regrets his negative input when he gets offered the surgical sub-internship he'd hoped for and learns that Benton gave him a glowing appraisal. He also spends a good part of the day with young leukemia victim who is fed up with life.

Benton and Jeanie Boulet's relationship reaches a crossroads.

Mark Greene is offered an attending position at the hospital but also learns that he is being sued for malpractice over his handling of the Jodi O'Brien case.

The big day for Carol Hathaway and Tag is here, but doubts creep in and one of them gets left standing at the altar.


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