Elizabeth Corday
Key information
Gender Female
Occupation Surgeon
Specialty Trauma Surgeon
Title Fellow (1997-1998)
Intern (1998-1999)
Surgical General Attending Physician (1999-2004)
Associate Chief of Surgery (1999-2003)
Chief of Surgery (2003-2004)
Family Charles Corday (father)
Isabelle Corday (mother)
Spouse Mark Greene (deceased)
Children Ella Greene (daughter, with Mark)
Rachel Greene (stepdaughter)
Behind the scenes
Portrayer: Alex Kingston
First episode "Ambush"
Last episode "And in the End..."
Appearances 160 episodes (see below)

Dr. Elizabeth Corday (married name Greene) is a fictional British surgeon on the Television series ER who is portrayed by Alex Kingston. She was introduced in the first episode of the fourth season, she stays at County General for seven years until she goes back to England in the eleventh season. Elizabeth was married to the main character Dr. Mark Greene, until he died of a brain tumor in season 8. They have a daughter named Ella.


Elizabeth is the daughter of Dr. Charles Corday, who owns his own hospital in London and Isabelle Corday, an astronomer. Elizabeth had a happy childhood in England, although her relationship with her mother is strained because she was working so hard at the time.

Elizabeth had a lot of nannies and went to Boarding school. When she had completed her residency and worked there for two other years, Elizabeth takes a fellowship to America with, Dr. Robert Romano being her supervisor to gain some experience in American medicine.

Elizabeth fast proved to be a skilled surgeon, who was a little unfamiliar with American ways. After getting used to her British habits and her direct, honest way to tell people what she thinks about them, she starts getting along well with most of the staff. She shortly after begins a relationship with fellow surgeon, Dr. Peter Benton, although he temporarily is her supervisor when she redoes her internship to get a license and stay in America, which later on causes her some trouble with Dr. Romano, who is then Chief of Surgery. She ends the relationship when she realizes they are better as friends and starts dating again. In her time as an intern, she once made a dosage mistake after a 36-hour shift which turned out to have brought on some bad consequences for her and her then-supervisor, Dr. Benton, who had left her alone at the hospital. Corday had some bad luck with other fellowships, with Benton going after the one she wants, which put a strain on their relationship for a while. These job problems have an end when Romano is made Chief of Staff, because he appoints her Associate Chief of Surgery which makes it possible for her to operate without supervision. Corday gets involved with Greene, whom she has a loving relationship with. They get engaged in Season 7 and she becomes pregnant with their daughter at the beginning of Season 7 right around the time Mark discovers he has a brain tumor. At the same time, she is being sued for paralyzing a man due to surgical complications. She wins the litigation on a technicality (equipment that was used during the surgery was recalled). For a while, she temporarily loses her courage in surgery, but under pressure she regains it. Mark's tumor is removed through surgery and the two start to be a normal, happy couple. When Elizabeth is heavily pregnant, they marry and shortly after, she gives birth to their daughter, Ella.

At work all of her elderly patients seem to die due to post-op-infection (sepsis), so Elizabeth is investigated as to why her patients die. For a while, a public health official follows her around, monitoring her hygiene to make sure she isn't passing on any germs. In the end she finds out that Dr. Babcock, the anesthesiologist, euthanized the patients without consent. After that her reputations is improved.

She also starts to make friends with some of the other ER docs. Elizabeth was the first to know about Carol's pregnancy, she's also the one (along with Mark) who told Carol that she was going to have twins. When her stepdaughter, Rachel, moves in and unknowingly gives baby Ella access to drugs and Ella overdoses, she splits with Mark because he won't kick Rachel out after what she did. But when his tumor returns, she moves back home to stand by him. In that time, good friend Dr. Robert Romano - who has, in previous times, declared his love for her - is there for her. When Mark dies, she runs away to England because she wants to leave the scene of his death. While on duty at the hospital in England, she receives notice that she has an offer on the house that Mark bought for them and she can't be persuaded to sell it. In the end, after talking to her father, she decides to return to America since it feels like home. She returns to find out that Dr. Romano has lost his arm in an accident.

This soon leads to his demotion from Chief of Staff to Chief of Emergency Medicine and Surgery, and when Romano dies in another helicopter accident, a crash in the bay, the new chief of staff, Dr. Kerry Weaver, appoints her chief of surgery. Corday is among the only ones to show up at Romano's memorial service. Although she never returned his love, she always considered him a dear friend. She stays at County General for another year and becomes friends with Abby Lockhart and Susan Lewis. Things start to change, however, when Weaver decides to hire a surgeon that Elizabeth didn't approve of. When Carter convinces her to do an illegal transplant between two HIV-positive patients, she loses her position and declines a lower-grade offer by Kerry and goes back to England.

In the fifteenth season, Elizabeth returns from England because she still feels America is her true home. She works as Chief of Trauma Surgery at Duke University in North Carolina.