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"Double Blind"
Season 5, Episode 12
Air date January 21, 1999
Written by Carol Flint
Directed by Dave Chameides
Episode chronology
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"Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee"
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"Choosing Joi"

Double Blind is the 12th episode of the 5th season of "E.R." It was first aired on Januray, 21 in 1999. It was written by Carol Flint and directed by Dave Chameides.


Lucy begins her surgical rotation under Benton and Corday. Romano offers to get Corday's fellowship reinstated and asks her to assist him in surgery. Weaver interrogates Corday, asking if Romano ever sexually harassed her. Corday denies it and concludes that Doyle must have filed charges. Ross jeopardizes a liquid pain medicine study by surreptitiously giving some of the drug to Joi's son, Ricky. Greene discovers the secret and informs Weaver. They decide not to tell Anspaugh because, by violating protocol on a federally-funded trial, the hospital would be unable to obtain research money and Medicare payments for years.

Short summaryEdit

Doug jeopardizes future federal grants for the entire ER when he breaks a double blind study by giving a sample drug to an ailing patient. Doyle lodges a sexual harassment complaint against Romano, hoping Dr. Corday will lend support. Lucy begins her surgery rotation under Benton's tutelage. The two of them treat a man claiming to be 140-years-old. Mark declines to proceed in the NASA program. Carol questions Lynette's intentions when she hosts a women's health clinic for African American women only. Mark goes to bat for Pickman when she inadvertently leaves a severely injured man at an accident scene.



  • The title of this episode refers to a double blind study in which neither the experimenter nor the subject knows which group they are in. In this case, neither the doctor nor the patient knows whether the patient receives the real medication or a placebo. This helps to eliminate bias.

Quotes Edit

Dr. Kerry Weaver: [after Carter has incorrectly peeled cucumbers] Why don't you chill the Pinot Grigio?

Dr. John Carter: In the freezer?

Dr. Kerry Weaver: Don't quit your day job Carter.


Lucy(about Romano) So, should I feel special or does he stare at everyone's breasts?

Elizabeth: No, only the females... as far as I know...

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