"Do One, Teach One, Kill One"
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date October 5, 1995
Written by Paul Manning
Directed by Felix Enriquez Alcala
Episode chronology
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"Summer Run"
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"What Life?"

Do One, Teach One, Kill One is the 3rd episode of the second season of "E.R."


Carter gets his first patient and loses him. Susan's feud with Weaver intensifies when she demands all of Susan's procedures be cleared with her.

Chloe abandons Little Susie again for a lucrative career in the flea market business. Carol finishes her paramedic recertification by picking up a very overweight, lethargic man after which Shep hits on her.

Jeanie ends her relationship with Benton. Wendy conducts interviews with various ER staffers for an article on Mark. Doug cares for a four-year-old Asian boy with AIDS.

NBC DescriptionEdit

LEARNING CURVE: Benton allows Carter to do his first unsupervised surgery and Carter accidentally perforates the patient's liver.

Tension between Weaver and Lewis escalates while Ross saves an AIDS baby who was given the wrong medication by a clinic resident.

Shepard and Hathaway grow closer after losing a victim. Chloe abandons baby Susie with Dr. Lewis.

Short summary Edit

Carter gets his first official patient. Unfortunately, something goes awry. Doug treats a four-year-old Asian boy with AIDS who has been given a deadly combination of medicines. Susan, who has enough trouble as it is with Chloe and little Susie, clashes again with Weaver. Wendy conducts interviews with several ER staff members for an article about Mark.


Characters Edit


  • Starting in this episode, Kristin Minter makes her first appearance as the ER's desk clerk, Randi. She would portray the role until the tenth season.


Doug: What can I say about Mark Greene that hasn't already been said? I think everybody knows how he overcame adversity as a child of Quakers, his years in exile, his political writings and limericks, his mod period with the turtlenecks, his blue period and of course, his ruthless march to power and the silencing of his rivals.
Haleh: I've known Mark Greene since he was a wet-behind-the-ears med student. He had the most beautiful curly blond hair and so polite. All I'd do was ask and he would be cleaning the bedpans and changing the sheets. He was the best scut-puppy I ever had.
Wendy: So would you say that, back then, he was sort of "green"?
Haleh: No, Wendy, I would never say that.
Carol: What is this, Crazy Fat Guy Day?
Shep (to Carol): You know what your problem is, Hathaway? You've been going out with too many doctors.

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