Dennis Gant  was a fictional surgical intern at Cook County Hospital whose character is introduced in Season 3. He was portrayed by Omar Epps.

Originally from Atlanta, he went to LSU Medical School. He is assigned to the surgical Blue Team, supervised by Benton , along with Carter . Carter and Gant quickly become friends and later roommates. Gant is constantly being chastised by Benton who later reveals that he is working Gant harder than the others as he feels that Gant has more to prove. 

Dennis Gant
Key information
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Date of death January 16, 1997 (Night Shift)
Occupation Surgical Intern
Behind the scenes
Portrayer: Omar Epps
First episode Doctor Carter, I Presume
Last episode Night Shift
Appearances 10 episodes (see below)

Time at the EREdit

Gant is a loyal friend who helps out others with their workload. He has trouble adjusting to his surgical residency due to the stress of his girlfriend in Atlanta breaking up with him and feeling that he isn't living up to Benton 's expectations. After being publicly degraded by Benton , he goes to Anspaugh to lodge a complaint, however, Carter doesn't back him up. Later he jumps in front of the El-train committing suicide.