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"Death and Taxes"
Season 10, Episode 7
Air date November 13, 2003
Written by Dee Johnson
Directed by Felix Enriquez Alcala
Episode chronology
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"The Greater Good"
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Death and Taxes is the 7th episode of 10th season of "E.R."


Lewis has a rough day: Chuck proposes having kids with her, she misses an appointment with an auditor, and Ben Hollander commits suicide.

Pratt receives an unfavorable review from Romano and also treats a con who was raped in prison.

During her ER rotation, Abby agrees to study with Neela. Gallant makes a decision that results in the death of a young girl with leukemia.

Sam's son Alex spends the day in the ER, following Luka around for most of it, ending with Luka X-raying his head.

Chen gets a call from the Chinese embassy and heads for a plane as her vacationing parents were in an accident.

Sam unscrews Romano's hand and Lewis locks it up for the rest of the shift.



Romano: (to Susan) Pratt is a rabid dog that needs to be taken outside and shot before he infects the rest of the staff.
Pratt (to Morris): Hey. What the hell you doing here?
Morris: Working.
Pratt: I thought you quit.
Morris: Oh, my dad wouldn't let me. Said he'd pull the money plug if I didn't see this thing through.
Pratt: This thing, meaning a career in medicine?
Morris: Yeah.
Romano: (to Abby) Ah, the Helen Keller of County. I hear you missed a skull fracture today. Keep it up, you'll be back to code browns in no time.
[After Romano's prosthetic arm grabs Sam's butt, Sam removes it from him]
Susan: What are you doing?
Sam: He just grabbed my ass! Here, take this to church and have it exorcised. (hands Susan the hand and walks away)
Romano: That's right, you keep walking! Right up to the nursing director's office 'cause by the time you get there, there'll be a pink slip waiting for you.
Sam: Good! Give me plenty of time to file my sexual harassment lawsuit!
Romano: (to Susan) Do you mind?
Susan: Yes, I do. You can have it back by the end of the day if you learn to behave!
Romano: Give me my damned hand back!
Romano (to Susan): Time's up, where's my hand?
Susan: It's in the women's bathroom in the tampon machine. Get it yourself.
Pratt: Dr. Romano, you got a minute?
Romano: I've got ten patients of my own and six med students I'm avoiding like the plague. You think it looks like I have a minute?
Pratt: I need you to do a rape kit.
Romano: I didn't see anything on the board.
Pratt: Came in with a knife wound, he didn't tell us at first.
Romano: 'He'?
Pratt: The prisoner you gave me earlier? He has some rectal bleeding.
Romano: Oh. Well, you go ahead. I'll sign off on it.
Pratt: No. Per legal, an Attending's supposed to do all rape exams.
Romano: It'll be our little secret.
Pratt: Hey, wait a minute! Wait a minute! You're always all over me for this, that and the other protocol, and now you want me to do a procedure which requires me...
Romano: What, are you all of a sudden, Mr. By the Book? This is not a stretch for you, Pratt. Just do it. Break the rules, you're good at it.
Luka: (About Mr. Persky's perforated appendix) He was given discharge instructions and came back as directed. The system worked.
Corday: Oh, for you, maybe, but he'll be subjected to a riskier surgery and I'll miss dinner with my daughter. Score one for your bloody mission.

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