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"Dear Abby"
Season 10, Episode 3
Air date October 9, 2003
Written by R. Scott Gemmill
Directed by Christopher Chulack
Episode chronology
← previous
"The Lost"
next →
"Shifts Happen"

Dear Abby is the third episode of the 10th season of "E.R." The episode aired on October 9, 2003.


New residents arrive at County, including 2nd year Nick "Coop" Cooper. Coop talks back to Romano and is nearly killed when Neela gives him too much epi during an asthma attack.

Pratt and Chen's dinner is invaded by her parents. Chen later dumps him when he states his feelings about their relationship.

Romano's hospital insurance doesn't cover a good prosthetic arm. Instead, he gets a hook. He has been trying to cut the budget by giving the nurses fewer shifts and filling the rest with temps. Most of the nurses stage a walk out and receive 90-day suspensions as a result.

Abby and Lewis treat a girl whose parents don't want to tell her that she's dying. Fast Eddie and Corday do it in a car.

Luka arrives at County and Gillian gives Abby her letter from Carter in which he dumps her. Frank picks it up off the ground from next to a trash can and soon everybody knows about it.



Abby: Congratulations, you just saved your first resident.
Romano: I've got two letters for the insurance company: "F" and "U"!
Abby: Patients are signed in and vitaled by whoever's working the 'cage'.
Coop: Cage?
Abby: Yeah, like a shark cage. You can see them out there circling around, but they can't get at you.

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