"Choosing Joi"
Season 5, Episode 13
Air date February 4, 1999
Written by Lydia Woodward
Directed by Christopher Chulack
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Choosing Joi is the 13th episode of the 5th season of "E.R." It was first aired on February, 4 in 1999. It was written by Lydia Woodward and directed by Christopher Chulack.


Ross helps the mother of a dying boy; Benton attends a parent/child signing class. Corday doesn't give her account in the case against Dr. Romano.

Romano blackmails Corday into dropping her support for Doyle's harassment lawsuit against Romano, but Kerry gets Romano to rewrite his insulting and inaccurate review of Doyle's job performance.

The ER unites to help an injured woman who needs to find temporary homes for her many dogs as she gets treatment.

Mark treats the hospital janitor, Mobalage, whose injuries suggest he has been tortured in the past.

Carter discovers something with one of the med students he is mentoring. 

NBC DescriptionEdit

DJIMON HOUNSOU ('AMISTAD') AND EMMY AWARD WINNER VALERIE MAHAFFEY GUEST-STAR: Dr. Ross (George Clooney) goes out of his way to help a struggling single mother, Joi (Valerie Mahaffey, 'Northern Exposure'), whose child (Kyle Chambers) is in the last stages of ALD.

Hathaway (Julianna Margulies) discovers that the hospital is going to the dogs when a patient who appears to be homeless, Alice Presley (Barbara Tarbuck), unleashes a little canine baggage upon her visit to the emergency room.

Dr. Benton (Eriq La Salle) attends a parent-child signing class and learns that he has many new communication challenges in his life.

Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards) attends to a young Nigerian hospital janitor (guest star Djimon Hounsou, 'Amistad'), who complains of back pain, but is hiding more horrific emotional and physical scars.

Elsewhere, Lucy (Kellie Martin) treats a young breast cancer patient and Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) teaches a patient-doctor course to enthusiastic young medical students. Alex Kingston also stars.

Short summaryEdit

Ricky Abbott returns to the ER. Doug forges papers to allow Joi to treat Ricky at home. Corday decides to back out of the Romano sexual harassment investigation after he threatens to expose her relationship with Benton. Romano is later named Acting Chief of the ER. Dr. Greene treats a Nigerian janitor for back pain and impotency. Carol and the nurses watch a bunch of dogs when their owner is hospitalized. Carter diagnoses a med student with Hodgkin's disease. Kerry initiates a search for her biological parents.



  • The start of Djimon Hounsou's multi-episode arc playing Mobelajeh, the Nigerian refugee and victim of torture.
  • Although in the opening credits, Gloria Reuben does not appear in this episode.


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