"Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic"
Season 8, Episode 3
Air date October 11, 2001
Written by R. Scott Gemmill & Elizabeth Hunter
Directed by Richard Thorpe
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Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic is the third episode of the 8th season of "E.R."


After catching Malucci with his pants down, Weaver resorts to drastic action while Greene's teenage daughter, Rachel arrives at County with unexpected news, an abandoned newborn baby Chen is treating possesses healing powers and Abby ropes Carter into helping her fix a mistake she caused while removing her belongings from Luka's apartment.

NBC DescriptionEdit

GREENE MUST COPE WITH REBELLIOUS TEEN DAUGHTER WHILE CARTER AND ABBY TIGHTEN THEIR ROMANTIC TRIANGLE: Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards) is surprised when his rebellious teenaged daughter (guest star Hallee Hirsh) suddenly appears at the hospital after running away from his ex-wife (guest star Christine Harnos) while a skirt-chasing Dr. Malucci (Erik Palladino) flirts with disaster and Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) and Abby (Maura Tierney) draw even closer to each other.

A hesitant Dr. Chen (Ming-Na) is tested when she struggles to save the life of an abandoned baby, who some believe has a birthmark resembling a religious icon.

A resourceful Malucci does some fast work when he tries to help an ailing patient while stuck together in a hospital elevator.

Dr. Romano (Paul McCrane) dresses down Dr. Weaver (Laura Innes) when a local newspaper investigates the death of a patient who expired on her watch. Eriq La Salle, Alex Kingston, Michael Michele and Goran Visnjic also star.




Romano signs "Take care of your father" to Reese After sending Benton home early to be with his family.