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"Beyond Repair"
Season 8, Episode 11
Air date January 10, 2002
Written by Jack Orman
R. Scott Gemmill
Directed by Alan J. Levi
Episode chronology
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"I'll Be Home For Christmas"
next →
"A River in Egypt"

Beyond Repair is the eleventh episode in the eighth season of ER. It first aired on NBC on January 10, 2002. It was written by Jack Orman & R. Scott Gemmill and directed by Alan J. Levi.


As a cold front hits Chicago, bringing the city to a stand-still, Chen is searching for clues about Weaver's pager. Abby tries to help a child who is searching for his mother in the ER and spends her birthday falling into a dangerous old habit as Weaver's closeted lifestyle sends Lopez packing. Meanwhile, Lewis tries to help a prisoner avoid a certain death sentence and Greene finds cause for alarm among Rachel's things. As this goes on, Carter tries to hash things out with his mother, Eleanor and in the ER, faces a blast from the past when he has a run-in with the man responsible for stabbing Carter and killing Lucy two years ago...


To be added soon.

Cast & CharactersEdit


  • Paul McCrane does not appear in this episode, despite having his name listed in the opening credits.
  • David Krumholtz who plays Paul Sobriki is credited as a "Special Guest Star."
  • It is revealed that Abby was born on January 10, 1969 at 8:03 p.m. and she drinks alcohol for the first time since she got sober in 1995.


Frank: Is this great or what? Empty chairs. Empty racks. Nothing like sub-Arctic temperatures to keep the freaks at home.
Mark: Why is the thermostat in the lounge set at 56?
Frank: Get used to it, we are heading into another ice age. That's what killed the dinosaurs.
Mark: Ice age didn't kill the dinosaurs. It was cholesterol.
Abby (to Gallant): I am not your Attending. I'm not a Resident. I'm a nurse. You want me to assess a patient, you want me to push meds, you want me to check vitals, explain the situation to a family member, fine. What I will not do is carry you through med school. You want to be a doctor, start acting like one.
Carter (to Eleanor): I got stabbed! I got stabbed in the back! Where the hell were you? You were the same place you've been my entire life. You were someplace else!
Eleanor: We came back three weeks later. We were stuck in Tokyo. You said you were fine.
Carter: I wasn't fine. I wasn't okay.
Eleanor: Are you gonna blame me for taking drugs?
Carter: No, I am blaming you for not being my mother! Bobby died and I lost a mother.

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