"Benton Backwards"
Season 7, Episode 4
Air date November 2, 2000
Written by Dee Johnson
Directed by Richard Thorpe
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"Benton Backwards" is the fourth episode of the seventh season of ER. It first aired on NBC on November 2, 2000. It was written by Dee Johnson and directed by Richard Thorpe. It has Peter Benton desperately searches for a new position at any Chicago Hospital, but learns that Robert Romano has blacklisted him as well and offers Benton a job at Country with no benefits. It also has Luka Kovač and Abby Lockhart go on a date, but later have been mugged and Luka lethally attacks the mugger.


Benton tries to find a job elsewhere, but Romano has blacklisted in Chicago. He offers an humbled Benton a job with no benefits. Luka and Abby's date is interruptted by a mugger and Luka violently pounds the attacker.

Carter's first day of treating trauma patients is interrupted when a shooting at the trauma room occurs. Mark is invited by Malucci to play in a hockey game.

NBC DescriptionEdit

DR. BENTON IS BENT ON SAVING HIS CAREER: A frustrated Dr. Benton (Eriq La Salle) desperately searches for a new position at any local hospital, but soon learns that he has been blackballed by the arrogant Dr. Romano (Paul McCrane) and he must consider other options out-of-state even though he risks losing joint custody of his infant son with the combative mother (guest star Lisa Nicole Carson).

Elsewhere, a recovering Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) is cleared to work on a few trauma patients while Dr. Chen (Ming-Na) labors to offer a young mother (guest star Cynthia Mann Jamin) some temporary relief as she tries to secure permission to operate on the woman's terminally ill young son.

Abby (Maura Tierney) finds herself attracted to Dr. Kovac (Goran Visnjic), but their budding relationship is interrupted by tragedy.

In addition, Dr. Malucci (Erik Palladino) casts about in a vain search for an extra skilled hockey player for his team's game that night even though Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards) is ready and willing to strap on his skates. Laura Innes, Alex Kingston and Michael Michele also star.


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  • In the Season 2 episode "It's Not Easy Being Greene," Mark tells Susan that he can't skate, however, in this episode, he says that he played on a varsity hockey team.
  • The locker next to Mark Greene's is labeled "Weintraub."

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